Damon Moss Wedding Photography on Kauai includes Magic and Rainbows (whenever possible)

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Kauai wedding of Nina and Adam on the south shore in Poipu. After their lovely ceremony on the beach, the happy couple and I went for a lesisurely walk up on top of a beautiful coastal cliff to take some more wedding photos. The day was winding down, and the sky and clouds over the ocean had a magical, stormy, poetic quality. The late evening sunlight was soft, warm, orange-hued, and gorgeous. Then the rainbows starting forming and growing brighter and higher over the ocean. Soon we were walking through an awe-inspiring, visual wonderland. A stunningly vibrant, towering double rainbow arched before us and hung there shining brilliantly in the sky while we took celebratory wedding pictures. That's pretty much as good as it gets for me and my wedding photography on Kauai. Congratulations to newlyweds Nina and Adam! : )

As a Kauai Wedding Photographer, I Photograph Beautiful People By the Most Beautiful Sunsets!

Kauai Wedding Photography keeps me and my camera looking at such amazing forms of beauty. I have the pleasure of witnessing people celebrating love and expressing their great sense of joy at being together. That delightful human drama plays out before me and my camera against the most beautiful backgrounds that only the garden isle of Kauai can provide. The natural beauty of Kauai is utterly breath-taking. Being a wedding photographer on Kauai is tremendous fun and incredibly inspiring. The Kauai summer sunsets are absolutely exhilarating. This picture was taken at a recent vow renewal ceremony on the north shore of Kauai. Congratulations to Rachel and Hugo for renewing their wedding vows! Much aloha! : )

Kauai Wedding Photography in Beautiful Waimea Canyon

One of the most breath-taking places to visit on Kauai is Waimea Canyon. It can be a bit of a lengthy drive to get there (depending on where you are staying), but it's absolutely worth it! Driving the winding road which follows the canyon's rim treats viewers to one spectacular view after another. There are many "scenic lookouts" and places to pull over and explore the canyon's ridge (or relax and have an awesome picnic)! I recently had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer at Esther and Jason's ceremony in Waimea Canyon. They are an amazing couple with a sense of adventure and very playful spirits. It was great fun photographing them as they were more than willing to get creative and dance, jump, leap, love, or just be down right silly in front of the camera. We captured some amazing moments beside the gorgeous, sprawling, colorful canyon. It was an unforgettable Kauai wedding! My heartfelt congratulations to them both!

As a Kauai Wedding Photographer, I specialize in Rainbows and Magic!

The sky was grey and raining pretty hard as we arrived to take celebratory pictures for Donna and Ron's 25th Wedding Anniversary. We talked about rescheduling briefly. But then the rain stopped, and I said, "Well, we might as well take a few shots since we're here. Maybe we'll get a rainbow." Ten minutes later, Donna and Ron we're standing in the ocean with the most beautiful double rainbow right above them. It was the kind of moment that makes you grateful to be alive. My camera and I were giddily splashing around in the tide seeking a variety of ways to capture the beauty and magic on display in front of me. What a great gift it was to be there with such lovely people on such a gorgeous island. Sometimes working as a Kauai Wedding Photographer doesn't feel like work at all. Congratulations again to Donna and Ron for 25 years of marriage!  

Wedding Photography on Kauai can be Great Fun!

While all of the weddings I photograph on Kauai are special, some naturally wind up being more memorable than others. It can be the tremendous beauty of a certain location (combined with good weather and light) that leads to epic Kauai wedding photography and a magical experience. Or it can simply be the awesome and fun personalities of the couple getting married. Amber and Sean were married in July 2015 on the East side of Kauai. They had one of the most light-hearted, entertaining, and unique wedding ceremonies I've ever photographed. They brought a slightly crazy-in-a-good-way friend as their minister from home (who basically improvised everything he said). The happy couple both wrote out hilarious versions of how they met, and Amber read Sean's version and he read hers, which had everyone laughing heartily. This playful couple were a lot of fun to photograph too. Check out the picture below of them below pretending to be attacked by their videographer's Drone camera! Now that's sexy!

Kauai Wedding Photography is All About Capturing Love and Rainbows

Sometimes we get rained on during weddings in Hawaii. Actually, make that most of the time. As a Kauai Wedding Photographer, it can be a real challenge keeping my camera dry. When the weather takes a wetter turn, we usually maintain a cheerful outlook and call it a "Hawaiian Blessing." But when the rain starts to fall during a Hawaiian wedding, I'm thinking about capturing a rainbow. To bring visible magic into my photographs is always my goal. A beautiful, colorful arch in the sky certainly helps with that intention. This amazing rainbow appeared at April and Lindsay's wedding in Haena, Kauai. Before the first raindrops started to fall, I was waiting for its arrival...

Couples Fly Around the World to Wed & Be Photographed on Kauai

Aisha and Yvonne flew all the way from Germany to get married on Kauai. I was honored to photograph their wedding ceremony, and then spend some fun time afterwards taking pictures of the happy couple. The wedding took place at gorgeous Shipwrecks beach on the south shore of Kauai just before sunset. After the ceremony, we walked up on top of the famous cliff at Shipwrecks and enjoyed the majestic ocean and mountain views while taking a few more pictures. How far would you go to celebrate your love? Around the world, and to the moon and back, right? : ) If you want a magical wedding and honeymoon, Kauai is definitely the right destination...

Photographing a Wedding at Barking Sands Beach, Kauai

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of Kristina and Jimmy. They are both amazingly sweet people, marine biologists, and they were married on Barking Sands beach, which is located along the U.S. military base on Kauai. It requires a formal permit to access this stretch of beach, and therefore it is usually empty. Kauai no longer allows wedding arches to be set up on public beaches for weddings, but because this beach is so private, it was possible to set up a beautifully decorated canopy on the sand. It was a perfect sunset wedding, and as a Kauai wedding photographer, I felt very lucky to be there taking pictures! : )

Photographing Weddings on Kauai is Incredibly Sweet

As a wedding photographer on Kauai, I get to experience some incredibly heartfelt moments amidst the scenic beauty of this enchanting island. This image was taken just before the wedding ceremony as lovely bride Jenny shared a few moments with her Dad before he walked her to the altar. I think this image is about as sweet and full of love as it gets!

Thanks for checking out my work, and I hope to see you in front of my camera on beautiful Kauai. Much aloha! : )

Kauai Wedding Photography - Trash the Dress ocean style...

I recently photographed the Kauai wedding of Julia and John, and they were such a great, fun couple. Based on the way they playfully splashed around in the tide on their wedding day, I suggested we do an underwater "trash the dress" photoshoot sometime after wedding, which they enthusiastically agreed to do. So we met up on a rainy day by a beach on the East-side of Kauai, and shortly thereafter (with the bride and groom in their wedding day attire), we were all in the ocean taking pictures and having an awesome time. Underwater photography is definitely challenging, but when I capture a few beautiful images, it feels incredibly satisfying. The photograph below is one that I really appreciated from my ocean adventure with Julia and John. I'm calling it, "Love is a Potion in an Ocean of Devotion." Thanks for visiting my website!

Gay Weddings on Kauai are Awesome and Fun to Photograph...

As of 2014, Kauai wedding photographers can now photograph gay weddings, which is awesome and a lot of fun. Hawaii became the 16th state in the USA to legalize gay marriage, and I expect within a few more years, all 50 states will be on board. This is a picture of Will and Bobby happily celebrating their marriage under a rain of bougainvillea petals. If there are any questions, Love is the answer... Much aloha!


Kauai Wedding Photography - Reflections of Love

When photographing weddings on Kauai, I'm always looking for opportunities to see couples uniquely through my camera. Being creative with wedding photography keeps it exciting, fresh, and challenging for me in the most interesting ways. This photograph was taken along the south shore of Kauai. While walking the beach and taking pictures, I asked newlyweds Mary and Kathy to step onto the lava rocks by the relatively still ocean tidepool so I could photograph them with their reflection in the water. I love this photograph. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work! Much aloha...


Being a Kauai Wedding Photographer is like icing on the cake

As a Kauai Wedding photographer, I am constantly viewing expressions of Love set against the visually stunning backgrounds of this enchanted island. I guess it feels kind of like "icing on the cake" of life. Anyway, I feel very lucky to meet and photograph so many interesting people who visit Kauai to celebrate such an important event in their lives. This photograph was from Natalie and Steven's recent wedding at Shipwrecks beach. They came all the way from Germany to marry on Kauai, which clearly allowed them to, dare I say, have their cake and eat it too. I love how happy these newlyweds are in this picture. Much aloha!


Kauai Wedding Photographer captures Dramatic Rescue on Cliff!

This Kauai wedding photography session was going so well until the couple got a little too close to the edge of the cliff. All of a sudden, Zach the groom was slipping over the edge, and Kristina the bride was hanging onto him in a desperate effort to pull him back up. What drama and suspense! I could barely keep my camera steady to continue photographing this potentially tragic turn of events! But somehow I managed to capture a few worthwhile shots of this good-looking couple, and this one in particular seems to document the crazy situation to which I was a witness. Fortunately, Kristina rescued Zach and they are now safe and living happily ever after! : )