Wedding Photography on Kauai can be Great Fun!

While all of the weddings I photograph on Kauai are special, some naturally wind up being more memorable than others. It can be the tremendous beauty of a certain location (combined with good weather and light) that leads to epic Kauai wedding photography and a magical experience. Or it can simply be the awesome and fun personalities of the couple getting married. Amber and Sean were married in July 2015 on the East side of Kauai. They had one of the most light-hearted, entertaining, and unique wedding ceremonies I've ever photographed. They brought a slightly crazy-in-a-good-way friend as their minister from home (who basically improvised everything he said). The happy couple both wrote out hilarious versions of how they met, and Amber read Sean's version and he read hers, which had everyone laughing heartily. This playful couple were a lot of fun to photograph too. Check out the picture below of them below pretending to be attacked by their videographer's Drone camera! Now that's sexy!