As a Kauai Wedding Photographer, I specialize in Rainbows and Magic!

The sky was grey and raining pretty hard as we arrived to take celebratory pictures for Donna and Ron's 25th Wedding Anniversary. We talked about rescheduling briefly. But then the rain stopped, and I said, "Well, we might as well take a few shots since we're here. Maybe we'll get a rainbow." Ten minutes later, Donna and Ron we're standing in the ocean with the most beautiful double rainbow right above them. It was the kind of moment that makes you grateful to be alive. My camera and I were giddily splashing around in the tide seeking a variety of ways to capture the beauty and magic on display in front of me. What a great gift it was to be there with such lovely people on such a gorgeous island. Sometimes working as a Kauai Wedding Photographer doesn't feel like work at all. Congratulations again to Donna and Ron for 25 years of marriage!