Thanks for your interest in my photography! I'll keep this pretty simple because I know your time is valuable. I am very easy to work with and I strive to keep the people I photograph feeling comfortable and enjoying the experience. I want you to love the pictures that I take for you Forever. I custom design photo-shoots around your goals and desires. If you aren't completely sure what you want, I can give you suggestions and help you plan a strategy for the best results. I have years of experience working with all types of people, and my pictures have been published in national and international magazines. Please contact me via phone, email, or Facebook, and I'd be very happy to discuss what I can do for you!

I've listed some of my photography rates below. They reflect more than 15 years of professional photography work experience, my investment in the best Nikon lenses and photographic equipment, and the significant amount of time I will spend carefully editing your pictures on the computer after taking them to make sure they look their best. (I easily spend three to four times as much time editing my images than other photographers because I am not trying to simply crank out the work as fast as possible but rather produce the highest level of quality for all my clients). Last but not least, my talent and creativity with the camera are represented there too. 

If you connect with my photography, I'd love to talk to you. Tell me what kind of pictures captivate you. I'm already interested in what you're thinking about. I love working with inspired human beings! Let's create beautiful images together... 


Wedding Photography & Vow Renewals

First, allow me to say, "Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!" It’s a pleasure and an honor to photograph such heartfelt, inspired events in people's lives. I understand that you've been planning and dreaming about this day for a long time. Most likely, you are traveling a long way for your Kauai wedding. Let me take away your stress about your wedding photography. I've been photographing weddings on Kauai and in Hawaii since 2008 (after working as a photographer for many years in Los Angeles). I've photographed weddings, couples, families, and friends all over this gorgeous island in every kind of weather and light. I know how to help people relax and enjoy being in front of the camera. I'm experienced, creative, well-prepared, and ready to help make your special day a lot easier and more fun too! My “wedding photography” rate is $650 per hour for the time I spend taking pictures. That rate freely includes all the hours I will spend carefully editing your pictures afterwards to make them look their absolute best. 

I also do “black & white” image packages, in which I will give you additional copies of your color pictures converted to classic, timeless black and white (10 images - $150, 20 images - $250, or 40 images - $450).

If you're interested in a "pre-wedding or post-wedding photoshoot," which is a great way to have pictures taken to celebrate your love on a day where you have more time to play than your wedding day, I can gladly create a package to include that for you.

I also do "Trash the Dress" photoshoots Hawaiian-style! Playful couples can be photographed getting all sandy and wet while embracing in the ocean tide on a dreamy beach. Or you can choose a tropical waterfall for our location. For bold and adventurous couples, I can also photograph you underwater. Usually this means shooting in the beautiful Kauai ocean (although private and hotel swimming pools can work too), and for safety reasons, we tend to stay in areas where it's shallow enough for us to stand. Shooting underwater is for couples who want to create breath-taking, one-of-a-kind artistic, playful, sexy, romantic images amidst the magical waters of Kauai. It's challenging, fun, and an amazing experience. My underwater shooting rate is $1,000 per hour, and I typically bring an assistant. If you're not sentimentally attached to your wedding dress, we can create some truly spectacular pictures by "trashing" it. Or if you can't imagine subjecting your wedding dress to such treatment, you could always wear something else and play that way! Let's talk about it!

To read some Kauai "Wedding Photography" reviews from brides and grooms I have photographed, please check out the testimonials at the bottom of my Google+ page:


Kids & Family Portraits on Kauai

I always enjoy photographing families who want to cherish the memory of spending time together on beautiful Kauai. We can take pictures at your favorite beach or a location convenient to where you are staying, or I can recommend a great spot. Group photos and candids are included. It's light-hearted and fun experience taking pictures with me. Most families love having some unposed, natural pictures of their kids just playing and being themselves on a Kauai beach. These are the kind of sweet and natural images that will be appreciated over a lifetime. I'm there with my camera for you, so if you have any specific ideas about your pictures, please feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I am very experienced with family photography, and I will gladly give direction when needed and take excellent care of you and your family. 

I offer one hour family photoshoots at beautiful Kauai locations (more time can be added), which are priced on a sliding scale based on the number of people (larger groups require more time retouching the photos afterwards).

5 or less people is $500 per hour.

6 to 9 people is $550 per hour.

10 to 20 people is $650 per hour.

20 to 30 people is $750 per hour.

Those rates include all the hours that I will spend editing your pictures afterwards to ensure that you have the greatest quality possible. Editing and retouching when necessary makes a huge difference in giving my clients the best possible images. Occasionally I have been known to digitally and seamlessly move a child from one photograph of a group shot into another, which creates a new image with everyone looking at the camera. That can be a great editing technique for times when children's attention spans get short and their facial expressions or wandering gazes reflect it. I also frequently fix/improve windblown hair (it's quite breezy on Kauai beaches), remove spots of glare on smiles or perspiration on skin, and make additional enhancements that vastly improve the final images. Editing photography is a craft and an art in itself which requires significant time and patience.

How many photos can you expect to receive for an hour photo session? My intention is to compose my photographs thoughtfully as often as possible. I value quality over quantity as a rule. Every family photo session has different variables which influence the experience of our time taking pictures together and the photographic results (from the fluctuating Kauai weather to the number of people involved to the level of engagement of children to changing locations, wardrobe, etc.). Having said all of the above, usually an hour photo session translates to around 50 edited, high-resolution photographs, and that would be the best expressions of what we capture together.


Architecture & Real Estate

If you have a unique home, building, or property, I would love to discuss photographing it with you. Typically, I’ll study and explore a location before I start taking pictures in order to gain a feeling for its character, surroundings, and its relationship to light. Weather definitely matters, and I am willing to work around it when necessary. I shoot architecture with the best, sharpest, extra-wide angle and tilt-shift lenses made by Nikon. My current day rate is $1,500 for a full day of shooting on location (plus travel expenses when necessary), and $900 for a half-day. Included in those rates is the significant amount of time that I spend editing and working on the pictures after taking them, which is a vital part of the process. For example, when photographing interiors, I take multiple shots of the same view at different exposure levels, and then merge them together in photoshop to match the lower interior light with brighter exterior views (through windows especially). I have some flexibility with the above rates depending on the number of shots required.

Please email me for my rates for Vacation Rental Condos on Kauai.  



Creative Portraits & other types of projects

I love working with people who appreciate and desire creative photography. I love inspired, visual concepts that spring from the imagination. Please contact me with some details about the kind of images you are interested in creating and I will gladly discuss the possibilities with you. I have years of experience shooting a wide range of content from studio portraits, fashion, glamour, products, fitness, lifestyle, and headshots. What do you need? What are you seeking to accomplish with pictures? I need some basic information in order to quote a price. Thanks!